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Chatting and exchanging information has never been easier! Feel free and secure while communicating with others, because messages and calls are saved and available only on your phone!

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  • Decentralised way of communication
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Awesome Features

ySign offers a wide range of features, great functionality and security.

The Features are:

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ySign is always updating and adding new features so that your experience is better each time you use it.

App Security

We guarantee that communication between users stays only between them. Inner content of messages or calls is unavailable to anyone because there is no centralized copy of it and there is also no possibility to misuse any information about our users.

That the difference between us and social networks because they are built around centralized servers. They also spend a lot of money, time and energy to keep all data secure and protected from hackers and sometimes fail to do so. Our servers are already protected from misuse by using blockchain technology.

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